OLD collection


A 7 color symphony.

Created between canvases, brushes, and infinite palettes, this collection is a homage to the secret and rearing world of ateliers: the place where every master creation begins. Inspired by the charm of artisan workshops, semi-precious stones coloured in seven unique tones portray a delicate and vivid essence.

Labradorite, aquamarine, and zirconias are harmonically and carefully arranged to make the design, plated in 18k Gold over 925 Sterling Silver. Blue, green, and pink shades create an unforgettable image: a grand creation where every precious detail is weighed and composed.

With a lively vibrancy of colours, a symphonic cascade of one-of-a-kind stones captures every beam of light. Balance, grace, and harmony permeate every piece of jewelry. A work of art is born.

The avant-garde of tones.